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The ultimate destination

for a charming whole roast chicken in Mumbai

Slow-spinning roasted yard bird

prepared at 230°Celsius

Hearty, Healthy & Robust
Only Umami! Before they invented calories

Chicken is high in protein, a healthy, muscle food . Low in fat content and thus low calorie content. Poultry is a good source of selenium(for better immune system) , vitamins B3 (lesser stress) and B6(more energy and better blood flow), and choline(this one is a lil complex..but fundamentally guess what .. its good for your brain! ) .

We offer a meal that is nutrimental, wholesome, full-bodied and savory. Our chicken has no artificial colours or flavours, no added hormones nor MSG.

Our niche
24 hour marination
We are firm believers in the longer-the-better-with-marinated-meats. Its a way of life at 230°C.

We love innovating and experimenting with our own grown herbs . Serving meals that are culinary adventures with all the carving and cutting rather than just to fight hunger; we also render a sense of ceremony and generosity as we bring it to your table.

people love our chicken
see what they say

We had the whole Roast chicken from here, their Bhut Jolokia chicken Roast. Normally this marination is very spicy but the chef here gets the spiciness down by adding brown sugar to the marination. It’s a good thing because not everyone can deal with the original Bhut Jolokia.

It’s marinated 24 hours by them and for sides they served corn and some potato vedges.

Instructions to crave the chicken were given which was fun. The marination and the flavours were good.

I conclude that this can be a good alternative for family get togethers or when someone is in urgent need for a roast.


These guys have taken extra efforts on their packaging and it is surprisingly just like a buttler arriving at your table with a roast. From Chembur to Vashi in an Uber. Very professional , hygienic and safe.

Believe me the roasts I have had at 230 are the juiciest of all the chicken roasts I have ever had. Such an overwhelming experience right at your own dinner table!

These guys are Gastronomically Superlative !
The marinades are unique.

Aqsa Chougle

Definitely a hit in Mumbai. 230° Celcius serves you amazing whole roast chicken with beautiful packing, an instructions sticker if you wanna carve the chicken and a loyalty sticker too. The delivery is done via UBER.

I ordered the Italian Herbed Chicken which was absolutely amazing. Had it with some homemade wine and homemade bread. My Sunday lunch was delicious and thank you so much 230 for the lovely flavorful roast.

So the foil container had the roasted chicken along with some bacon, potato wedges, whole garlic for the perfume, cut charred sweet corn and lots of Italian herbs. I did a reheat and the taste remained intact. While cutting the chicken I could do an easy cut from top to bottom like slicing a piece of cake. Yes it was quite tender. What I suggest is that before reheating use your hands and coat the chicken with the oil which is scattered inside the foil and rub the garlic over the chicken. Why? Because to get one more level of enhanced flavor. Btw it’s a great option to gift someone as a cake instead of the regular birthday cake.

Fatboy Foodie

First impression the whole packaging and delivery a Very good idea of Uber. 4.5/5

Open it and those aromas will bear another 4.5/5

Take it out and carve it yourself like they suggest. Enjoyable and creates interest. Meat just falls off the bone. Mess at the dinner table is no problem at all. Juices flowing out =lovely. 5/5

Taste of all of it is superb. All of the Juices flowing make it ace. I wish they had left some liver too. The veggies Dipped in the jus are super tasty 5/5

Quantity. Since we had called it for an evening with relatives . Lot if people had it. If you are ordering for just one person.No problem of that extra half! One can almost have two meals! 5/5

Price (I would say the entire experience of the Whole roast at this price is actually priceless) : 5/5

Guys! you are doing a great job. thumbs up.

Devanshu Malhotra (

First experience of having a whole roast chicken! And must say, it was a fantastic one! We ordered the Kashmiri Chilli Whole Roast with Caramelised Onions, Sautéed Mushrooms and Corn on the Cob as sides.

Needless to say, the sides were delicious and well prepared.

The whole chicken is good for 3-4 people. The start does get a bit messy even though clear instructions are provided in the box on how to cut the chicken. But heck..once that’s done, you should get your hands messy with the oozing flavours & juices of the superb marination. The Kashmiri Chilli marination was perfect, not overly spicy but still flavourful enough to pack a punch on the tongue. The chicken is super soft & the meat comes off the bone easily.

Looking forward to try other varieties too. Hope they keep adding more.

Well worth it if you have friends / family coming over.

Jitendra Gursingh

Really delicious. I was not expecting something so fresh and tasty. I got the Italian roast with mushrooms, onions and broccoli, and even the sides were worth repeating. I just finished my order and already ordered again for the day after tomorrow. I am a foreigner in Mumbai and while i get used to the Indian spices I feel this is going to be my favorite choice.

Andres Calderon

It was in my mind to try out this outlet since a while but eventually it happened day before when I ordered the Kashmiri Roast. It was worth the 24 hrs wait. Eloquently packed with spices giving you just the right kind of flavour and the chicken Roasted to the exact measurement , well it was a delight to relish such an awesome preparation. It’s a take away joint and to get the best make sure you order a day prior although they do have some instant order options. I am gonna make sure I taste all variants.. a thumping 5 with a 👍

Mukesh Rao

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